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Level Design Pages Updated 02/05/07

As we speak, I'm trundling away in Adobe™ Golive™ trying to make the level design pages.
At the moment, i've done most of the Goldsource page, as it is my priority. Check it out!

I Saw It On The Internets 12/02/07

Well, there are a few things on the internet which I'd like to point out.
The first of which is the Hostage Situation Mod DB page. Check that out for the latest media.
The second is this. I figured it was about time i got an account.
Lastly, is this video. It's absolutely incredible and deserved a mention here.

New Year - Old Challenges 05/01/07

I am aware that it's a bit late, but Happy New Year! I dont know if anybody remembers Half-Life:Hostage Situation, but the new year has revived it, and I'm happy to say that it has a 2007 release date, hopefully some time during Summer.
Also, I am continuing work on Gyradell Invasion, de_microplay, de_forest_aeb and sc_pwnstar. Operation Unknown doesn't look promising.
Screenshots of Hostage Situation - Here, Here, Here, Here & Here.

Reviews Added! 16/10/06

Check out the Reviews in the sneakily labelled "Reviews" section.
Also, I am pleased to announce that i have started work on de_forest_aeb, which is being made for this clan.

Upcoming Projects Added! 18/09/06

Check out the new page in the Level Design section. It contains production screenshots of my upcoming mods and maps.

5 Worse Ways To Die Released! 20/07/06

Check out the GoldSource page in the level design section for a download link. "Just amazing! I got scared on some parts but it was most fun!" - Rednik

Current Projects! 18/06/06

I am currently working on 2 major projects - de_microplay, a CSS map featuring my favourite LAN centre, along with Glasgow Central Station, The CatHouse and several Gregg's bakeries. The other project is a Half-Life 1 map which I am titling "5 Worse Ways to Die" will complete the 5 ways to die trilogy.

Services! 27/05/06

I am now offerring my services as a level designer. Want a map made? E-mail

w00t! New Site! 26/05/06

The new site is now operational. Still a few things that need to be sorted, but its finished for the most part. From now on it'll just be regular updates instead of a rush to get things working.

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