The Hunter has super powersAs long as I have been a PC gamer, I have enjoyed editing them. Even when I was as young as 9, I would edit game splash screens and sounds, simply because it was so easy and provided some brilliant laughs. And it made me feel good because my friends all looked up to me because "I could edit the games." Of course at that stage it was as simple as opening up a .jpg in 'TV Paint' or a .wav in Sound Recorder and then splashing on some random crap and saving it with the same filename, but the positive response I got from my friends really got me interested in properly editing and creating games. The first game I really started to mod for was Half-Life (1998). And surprisingly, the reason that I first tried modding HL, was because my Uncle had been the person who had introduced me to the game, and I wanted to give him a birthday present. A Half-Life level seemed appropriate, and expecting something similar to the Age Of Empires built-in map editor, I quickly downloaded Worldcraft 3.3 and instantly found myself lost in this crazy third dimension. It's 5 years later now, and I'm pretty sure I've mastered almost all aspects of HL1 mapping. Soon to follow HL was Star Trek Elite Force Which uses the famed editor "GTK Radiant" which after using Hammer for 4 years, seemed to be the most stupid editor ever. I guess its just what you're used to. After Elite Force, came Jedi Academy, using the same editor, and after Jedi Academy came HL2 and source which I am still getting to grips with. Finally, I am also trying to start mapping for GTA2, but considering it took me two 4 hour sessions to make one building, I worry how long a fully playable city will take... Other games I would like to start mapping for include Dawn Of War, Battlefield 2, F.E.A.R and Homeworld. I learned almost all of my level design skills from www.twhl.co.za which is the most helpful community of mappers, modellers and coders that I have ever seen. When I'm older, I want to get into game design or game journalism.

Hunter out.

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